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We welcome your dog to our Rowan hut (Handa & Iris do not accept dogs) and we only ask the following:

• An extra cleaning charge of £20 per stay is applicable at booking.

• A pet request must be made at booking, guest are not allowed to turn up at the huts with a dog without prior agreement.

• Due to the size of the hut we ask only one dog can stay.

• Only type of pet allowed is a dog.

• Breeds on the dangerous dog list or fighting dogs are not accepted.

• Bring your own dog bed, they will enjoy their stay more.

• We know you love your dog but we ask that they are not allowed on the furniture and especially the bed.

• Dogs must be on a lead at all times, there is no fenced off area for the dog. Our croft is surrounded by common grazings and sheep and lambs are not fenced in and wander at will.

•We have to remind dog owners that worrying any form of livestock is an offence covered by

• Dogs should never be left alone in the hut.

• Lovely as the hot tub is it’s not suitable as a dog bath – no dogs in the hot tub please.

• All dog waste must be scooped, bagged and disposed of in the external waste bin by the dog

We reserve the right to ask any guests with a dog, who choose not to follow the above, to leave with no refund available.